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Language Machine: Text, Code, and Poetry


· Sara Trawöger
· Amirali Bashiri
· Laura Sophie Meyer
· Aleksander Segieth
· Sanaz Rafii
Çağla Gillis
· Ralf Petersen
· Valentina Rodríguez
· Lesia Kvitka

Welcome to an innovative digital journey that breaks free from traditional expressions and invites you not only to write poetry but to become poetry.

Explore the depths with the Language Machine, seeking answers: what holds greater relevance in contemporary linguistic art? Is it the text as the essence that forms the foundation of poetry, or is it the beauty of textual form, akin to a code that shapes the perfect poetic structure?

This exhibition as a part of the Wrong Biennale 2023/2024 is a dynamic voyage into how language seamlessly transforms into a canvas for creative expression. It's a tribute to language as a living, evolving entity where words and code interweave, giving birth to intricate narratives. Our curated collection offers a multitude of interpretations, immersing you in the most captivating forms of language.

Here, a convergence of media, including hybrid art, videos, animations, texts, and sounds, presents a vibrant tapestry of voices. Each piece bears testimony to the limitless creativity that blossoms when art and language engage in an enchanting dance.

Join us from Noveber 1, 2023 to March 31, 2024 on this artistic journey where international artists gather to celebrate the power of words and the elegance of code. While our contributors span the globe, a significant portion hails from Kunstuniversität Linz - a center of experimental art and design in the heart of Europe, enriching the conversation with a unique perspective.

Kunstuniversität Linz
Domgasse 1
4020 Linz, Austria
Curator: Lesia Kvitka



Poem of Banned

'Poem of Banned' empowers you to break through censorship. Decrypt the verses and reshape the narrative.
Poem of Banned is a project dedicated to exploring the huge range of banned books around the world.
Created as an answer to one of Art University's tasks, encrypted virtual file contains poem “patchworked” together, from original quotes taken from old and new forbidden texts of culture.
The viewer has to participate and unfold the true form of a poem, messing with given files, and go through this process to realize that any censorship isn’t permanent.

Explanation for audience:
To find the answer, audience have to download .zip folder with artpiece and the Audio File and use spectrogram to unpack artpiece.

Aleksander Segieth is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, specializing in the intermedia field of art. Since 2019, he has been exploring diverse media, including video, 3D graphics, commercial and abstract photography, installations, assemblies, and performance art. His artistic pursuits delve into realms beyond the mundane, tapping into the depths of the human subconscious. Segieth's works compel viewers to confront real-world issues, prompting reflections on the individual's role in society and the societal constructs themselves.